The world's first turn-key solution for any app to launch self-branded in-app wallets

Meeting regulatory and compliance standards in each country of operation

Built for rapid scale and high-volume transactions on bank-grade technology

Connected to 900,000+
top-up & withdrawal channels around the world

White-labelled with fully customisable fee structures





Innovative businesses build on The Wallet Engine


The world around us is at a turning point. Payments of all sizes, down to under $1, are increasingly becoming digital. To level the playing field for all, including those that are unbanked, mobile wallets are the common denominators that will bring the world together within the digital economy.

Successful super-apps such as WeChat (China), Grab and Go-Jek (South East Asia) have successfully transformed their app communities into ecosystems by using in-app wallets. Developing wallet operations from scratch is a time consuming and expensive approach. The Wallet Engine is democratising this opportunity by providing the end-to-end wallet requirements as-a-service which can be adopted in less than 30 days. 

The Wallet Engine is the first end-to-end solution to launch in-app wallets. It combines bank-grade technology and meets regulatory and compliance standards in multiple countries. All wallets enjoy the convenience of hyper-local connectivity to local top-up and withdrawal options in over 100 countries.


Welcome to the fastest and most affordable solution to add borderless payments and other financial services to apps anywhere in the world. 




Sending and receiving money within messengers or social apps between worldwide users, even small amounts like $0.01.

Example: you are in New York and you want to send your sister who lives in Manila a few dollars to pay for a taxi ride. In-app wallets make this transfer as seamless as sending a text message. 

"During our global expansion planning we were in search of a payment platform that allows seamless transactions between our users, nightclubs, musicians, merchants and the platform itself, with least cross-border friction. Our search stopped at the Wallet Engine."


Arush Dhawan, Co-Founder & CEO Streo Music App

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