Our Story

We started out by building apps with context-based payment features. It became increasingly challenging to move small amounts of money between people as our user base grew internationally.

This struggle is what made us realise the need for a payment solution catering to the borderless app world. As we started to design the regulatory framework and develop the technology layer, we were frequently approached by apps who faced similar challenges.

Today, Wallet Engine is helping apps to embed financial features into their user experience and become part of people's financial life. Our stack combines licensed operations and scalable technology with processes to serve a heterogenous user base: irrespective of where people live and their level of financial inclusion.

Meet the team

We are a diverse team with a common passion to build inclusive financial infrastructure that seamlessly moves money within apps. Our leadership team brings decades of experience in payments, regulatory compliance, and building businesses in emerging markets.

Gregor Arn
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Barry Hurley
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Arish Khajotia
Co-Founder, Special Projects