2018 - The Transforming world of ICOs

2017 was for many people who follow the crypto ecosystem, a year of awareness for blockchain technology. It was also the year where the world lost its sh*t on the speculative gold-rush that ICOs and benchmark crypto-assets provided us with. 1,000% market growth is simply not normal, and almost out of the gates, traditional investors and Wall Street started to shout aloud about the bubble that was forming. You don't own equity in these companies but you are buying tokens like securities... I suppose there's something a little odd about that. In 2017, you were kind of investing in the vibe of the company. Looking further into this, something very clear is about to happen in 2018. The ICO and c

Time to Plug and Play

Cheers Global Wallets is proud to be selected as part of the GK Plug and Play accelerator program. Based primarily out of Indonesia, there is a sense of great purpose when the program started here in 2016 with a clear agenda to positively impact the Southeast Asian startup community much like they have with Silicon Valley giants like Dropbox and PayPal becoming household names the world over. As a part of batch 2 which kicked off January 8th, we are excited to have a significant impact on the way people in the region earn and spend through the digital economy and mobile apps they use on a daily basis, further developing our platform in a way that benefits the region in an important step in o

The Wallet Engine
Transforming Apps into Ecosystems


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