The Lion City gold Uber left behind

News has hit the airwaves of Go-Jek partnering with none other than ComfortDelgro, the incumbent taxi company that suffered for a time under the pressure of ride hailing services startups like Grab and Uber. Uber struck what seemed like a seismic blow to Grab, by partnering with Comfort and incorporating their 13,000 plus taxis into their ecosystem only so far back as January under UberFlash. The only problem was, the game extended beyond ride hailing services; and as I have blogged before, that revealed Uber's Achilles Heal, and they have paid dearly for it. That being said, one thing is for certain... Due to the Competition Commission of Singapore (CCS), Grab never had the chance of pickin

Uber exits SEA - The low hanging fruit they missed… in-app wallets

In one of the most unexpected twist in the ride hailing space. Grab managed to beat out Uber in what many expected early on to be a culling of the local player. And to be clear, when they both started battling it out in Singapore, this really was a local battle. Grab was yet to make a dent in the SEA region, and Uber was already trudging along in their regional expansion. So what happened? How did David actually take down Goliath? The expectation after Uber lost out to Didi in China, was that this retreat was going to be the last time Uber would ever have to fall on its sword and accept defeat. This is Uber after all, they invented the space! As a general trend, most dominant, ‘monied’ globa

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