#Five4Fintech Vol 1 - Milind Sanghavi

Milind Sanghavi, who heads digital payments for OCBC Bank, took out some time to have a candid discussion around mobile payment wallets, and what he sees coming down the road.

WeChat's app war - why other apps cannot bank on third party wallets

Hot off the press - China's super-app WeChat, has just struck a blow to three competing social apps. In the case of Liaotianbao, the announcement of the blocking of their platform by WeChat came just before their launch in Beijing. This is perhaps becoming a strategy worth taking note of with WeChat, who in May of last year changed their rules around third party services, under the guise of “users’ privacy and content compliance.” This created an uproar even among Chinese media outlets and others online. Bytedance's CEO, Zhang Yiming, went so far as to accuse Tencent of looking for excuses to block competing apps. WeChat has a dominant position in the Super-app space, with over one billion m

2019 is the year in-app wallets make a splash

A prediction for what to expect from 2019 is that in-app wallets will become a more significant part of our mobile-first worlds. In South East Asia, we have seen a number of large ecosystem apps (super apps) who at their core, use their embedded wallets to enable their users to transact with greater ease. In China as an example, with WeChat Pay and AliPay, there is simply no need to carry cash anymore. The focus is clear, find a way to entrench your app deeper into the lives of people. Grab's introduction of an in-app wallet was a strategic coup in their challenge and ultimate success again the Goliath of ride hailing that is Uber. Today, super apps are providing users with everything from r

Soothsaying into 2019

What's a new year without resolutions and plans? Not me. Waiting for a new year to make change ensures your plans are destined to fail for most. Resolutions are daily occurrences, because change needs to be constant. That being said, I am not opposed to having a little fun taking a shot at predicting how some of the most hotly discussed technologies, industries, geopolitical tussles and plights might pan out over the next 365 days. Here goes: Crypto-Asset Regulation - Without regulation, there is destined to be more of the same uncertainty and instability. A good analogy for how important regulation is can be found when comparing a company like TransferWise to a pseudo-legal hawala money cha

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