The Emergence of Creator Marketplaces

Last week, we discussed the trailblazing Trend 1: The usage of NFTs by social media platforms. This week, we introduce an equally-sweeping concept:
The creation of creator marketplaces. Over the next week, Trend 3 will be unveiled; painting a well-rounded picture of what the future of a digitized
creator economy holds for our modern society.

Essentially, a ‘Creator Marketplace’ is any online platform that is made to match suitable brands with like-minded creators for remuneration.
In turn, creators promote the brand’s products and services to their large fanbase in hopes of consumption.

The scene of influencer marketing is an exponentially growing field, and brands are here for it. Companies are constantly scouring for opportunities
to partner up with content creators so as to sponsor their products and services. In fact, the existence of these new creator marketplaces removes
the need for a middleman (such as marketing agencies) to negotiate deals between brands and creators.

The pairing of appropriate brands with the most relevant creators ensures the maximum satisfaction for both parties: which increases the likelihood
of successful monetization and promotion deals. What’s more: a number of companies are joining the party. Leading social media platforms recognise
that sponsorship deals are a large part of creators revenue stream in the present day, and it will only be getting larger. Resultantly, these platforms
have created their very own creator marketplaces so as to encourage usage of sites.

In the past two years, TikTok, Snap, and Instagram have stepped into the fray, rolling out tech-driven marketplaces designed
to pair sponsors and influencers.”

The Information

Source: The Information

Platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch have previously tested creator marketplaces that pair brands with their creators. With TikTok, Snap,
Facebook, and Instagram following in their footsteps. Additionally, Clubhouse has teased that their very own creator marketplace is in the works to
connect creators with various brands, agencies, and agents. 

“Tipping is currently the only way Clubhouse offers for creators to earn money directly on the app. But audio influencers
have already been working with advertisers directly to sponsor conversations, similar to how a podcast host would read
an ad during an episode.”

The Information

Enlightening are the days that we see creators properly recognised for their work. Expectations are running high to see how the perfect influencer-brand
sponsorship will add fuel to monetization. Keep your eyes peeled for when Trend 3 is unveiled: Tipping; marking the finale of this exciting 3-part update –
till more innovative ideas arise.

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