Wallet Engine enters into strategic partnership with Verso to connect DeFi to traditional finance

Wallet Engine has signed a strategic partnership with Verso, a decentralised marketplace for microfinance products.

This enables customers of Wallet Engine to purchase micro-insurance, avail instant loans or even access DeFi products from within their favourite apps. And for the final touch: end users won’t even need a bank account. Another milestone for Wallet Engine and a leap in terms of convenience for end users. 

Verso will enable apps running on Wallet Engine to offer additional financial products to their users.

Our Vision: 100 million in-app wallets by 2025

Wallet Engine has received great recognition over the past year and participated in the prestigious accelerator programs of SOSV’s MOX Accelerator and K-Start Up Grand Challenge in Korea. This has provided great exposure and put Wallet Engine on the radar of international apps, some of them boasting over 40 million users!

We will now work together with Verso to bring microfinance to our new batch of early adopters by the end of this year. Verso and Wallet Engine are both aligned with an aggressive growth strategy. Our target is no less than 100 million users by the end of 2025. With Verso, the Wallet Engine apps will benefit from increasing revenue streams and user stickiness. 

About Verso

Verso is designed for financial service providers, regulated financial institutions, and it’s community-governed by its participants. It uses proprietary smart contracts to facilitate the distribution of product-specific money flow between service providers, financial institutions and their customers.

Join the Verso community on Twitter, LinkedIn or directly interact with the community on Telegram, WeChat, or Weibo.

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